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Local Farm Donates Quality Foods to Matt's Ministry

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

You may not know the name Still Waters Landing, but there's a good chance you've enjoyed their farm fresh eggs, seasonal veggies, and prime pasture-raised pork from their Berkshire pigs.

SWL specializes in pasture-raised pork with humane treatment and environmentally sound practices. Our farm raises Berkshire pigs, an excellent choice for farmers who want to raise heritage livestock well-known for its quality and taste.

"At Still Waters Landing we trust that encountering, engaging and enjoying God, creation, good food and other people brings the significance and satisfaction so deeply desired my many."

They also offer fresh eggs from our free-range chickens. In 2019, we hired a farm manager which allows us to offer seasonal vegetables, herbs and seasonal CSA's. We believe in giving back and provide at least 10% of our sales back in food to the local food bank, as well as, host our annual Pig Pickin', a free community event. We are proud to serve communities within a 50-mile radius of Hayesville and look forward to extending our reach as we grow.

What is Still Waters Landing?

Still Waters Landing is a local pasture raised pig and produce farm with a mission to restore the community through farming, food, fellowship and faith while ensuring the poorest in the community gain access to high quality food. ​

They sell ground sausage and produce from their farm store, and wholesale cuts to local restaurants.

A spiritual pursuit of good living

"Still Waters Landing is a model of rural-renewal. We connect the noblest parts of life--deep faith, tested wisdom, youthful energy, real work, searching inquiry, unflinching hope, loving fellowship and good food--to both re-imagine and fully embrace commonwealth."

You can visit Still Waters Landing store online and order everything from eggs to whole hogs.

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